Auto insurance is
covered Acupuncture Treatment

MBR Acupuncture & Herb combines Eastern and Western approaches to
increase the accuracy of pain treatment and solve the patient’s
underlying physical problems which reduces the burden of recurrence.

Auto insurance is
covered Acupuncture Treatment

MBR Acupuncture & Herb combines Eastern and Western approaches to
increase the accuracy of pain treatment and solve the patient’s
underlying physical problems which reduces the burden of recurrence.

MBR Acupuncture & Herb Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment

Vertebral musculoskeletal system treatment for chronic pain
We take master’s pride in medical treatment.

Korean / Western Medicine / Alternative Medicine Integrative pain treatment.
We treat our patients with all kinds of methods.

After the first test treatment, the symptoms will improve within 2-3 days.
The effect will be clearly visible following the treatment.

Car accidents are not only costly, but are also causing detrimental damage to the body. While the vehicle absorbs shock exerted by the collision, living tissues of muscle, bone, ligaments, and tendons in the human body get even more damaged than the vehicle’s tructural/mechanical parts. Common aftereffects after car accidents can include but not limited to: Pain in muscles and joints of the spine and/or arms and legs, headache, exhaustion, and nausea/vomiting. In more severe cases there could also be bone fractures, hemorrhage, lung collapse, or other internal organ damages.

Specifically, there are symptoms such as the pains on neck, shoulder, waist, and bruises on the wrists and knees as well as numbness in the hands and feet, and headaches. Aftereffects from traffic accidents may appear to be severe symptoms yet they can seriously damage daily life. These aftereffects have tendency to be difficult to find the cause from by blood tests and imaging equipment tests such as X-rays and MRIs. In these cases, the treatment of oriental medicine may be the solution.

Pain or numbness in the neck and shoulder  Both or one of the arms are numb and fingers are swollen Severe pain and the body feeling heavy at late night or in cold weather. Headache, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting

Heart palpitation, anxiety, and insomnia  Exhaustion and feeling lethargic Memory loss, drowsiness, and heaviness Unknown cause of pain indistinguishable from hospital.

Even if there are no abnormalities in the test results, treatments needed to be done. If the symptoms continue as described above due to an imbalance in muscle joints after an accident, there is a chance of suffering from the aftereffect.

Why should we get proper treatments after an auto accident?

After effect may occur
Vehicle accidents show a quite different degree of damage in the spine, joints, muscles, ligaments, etc., depending on the direction and magnitude of the impact. In consequence, different types of symptoms appear. Certain abnormalities or damage may not be found even after examination at the time of the accident. If a proper treatment is not performed after the accident, often the aftereffect causes suffering over time.

Prevent stress and  psychological trauma.
Along with curing severe  fractures and external injuries caused by auto accidents such as damage to  muscles, blood vessels, and nerves acupuncture treatment also treats  psychological pains such as post-traumatic stress from the accident.

Poor blood circulation causes achy and stabbing pain.
In Oriental Medicine theory, the poor circulation in our body causes pain by Qi and Blood stagnation. The severe impact of auto accidents can cause injury to tissues and cells, bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles due to damaged Qi and blood circulation.

Auto accidents may cause invisible muscle and joint imbalance as well as damage in blood vessels and nerves, causing pain after an accident due to blood stagnation or physiological trauma.

Common conditions after motor vehicle accidents

Pain and numbness in neck, shoulder, and back

Pain in the neck, shoulder, and back are the most common conditions after an auto accident. Symptoms may appear immediately after the accident but in some cases, the pain may present or become worse after a day or two. There may be numbness and tingle on the extremities if the cervical spine is damaged.

Headache(chronic headache)

If the spine damage is the most common issue from the accident, the second most common is the headache. According to the statistics, more than half of the auto accident patients suffer from traumatic headaches. In cases of severe trauma, consciousness disorder and memory loss may occur.

Post-Concussion Syndrome

The main symptoms of post-concussion syndrome include vomiting, headache. The brain-related issues cause dizziness, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), hearing loss, impaired vision, and decreased concentration. For Psychiatric symptoms, irritability, anxiety, depression, personality change, fatigue, sleep disorder, cognitive disorder, memory disorder, concentration, and attention disorder may occur. In most cases, the symptoms disappear within three months yet 15% of patients suffer from concussion lasting for more than a year.

Jaw joint pain

Within a short time after   the accident where the body gets damaged significantly, the shock   transmits to the muscle joints and the neck which is a relatively weak and   thin body part. In certain cases, whiplash injury affects the jaw joint more   than the other areas.
Auto accident MBR Treatment Procedure

Verify your
insurance benefits

Contact your insurance agency and verify your insurance benefits

Consultation after confirmation from insurance agency

Explanation of the treatment procedure and start the examination.

Detailed examination
of the auto accident

The detailed examination process of the accident injuries systematically screened and distinguished depend on whether the patient is visiting immediately after the accident or visiting for recurrence and aftereffect.

Muscle joint
test treatment

After the insurance confirmation, treatment for muscle, joint changes, and pain tests at the injured area are performed in consideration of the patient’s condition.

of the cause

After confirming the muscle and joint problems found by the test treatment, the injured area will be treated.

MBR herbal medicine
prescription and
other treatment

Prescription of customized Asian herbal medicine for patients and provision of additional treatments to help relax muscles and relieve pain.

Auto accidents may cause invisible muscle and joint imbalance as well as damage in blood vessels and nerves, causing pain after an accident due to blood stagnation or physiological trauma.


The most common complaints from patients after car accidents is the pain.  Acupuncture treatments are helpful and effective in reduction of pain. World Health Organization (WHO) stated that Acupuncture treatment is beneficial in reduction of pain especially in the neck and low back. Acupuncture treatment can also promote faster healing by increasing the blood flow and the ranges of motion while decreasing inflammation.

In Oriental medicine, the  aftereffects of a pain accident are treated in the categories of “fall (落傷)”, “bruise (打撲)”, “blood stagnation (瘀血)”, and “phlegm (痰飮)”. The main purpose of treatment  is to promote the Qi-blood circulation of the meridians while moving blood  stagnation, to restore the balance of the damaged body, to eliminate pain and  to minimize the disorder. The Blood clot (瘀血) is the blood that has lost normal  physiology accumulate inside our body and remain unreleased. The symptoms are  stinging pain and at night and have the characteristic of pain location being  fixed.

If the pain is severe at the beginning of the accident, you should focus on reducing the pain and avoiding the usual exercise or excessive movement. It is recommended to start moving your body with light exercise after 3-4 weeks after the acute phase, except for patients with severe fractures or nerve damage. After four weeks or more, even if you have pain, you should start exercising to help recover the pain and quickly return to your daily life or work. However, not all patients heal within four weeks of the accident. One-third of patients develop symptoms with long-term symptoms of about 6 to 12 months, and the other 1/3 patients develop chronic pain that persists for more than a year.   If there is severe pain in the early stages of an accident, there needs to be focus on reducing pain by avoiding the usual and excessive movements. Except for patients with severe fractures and nerve damage, it is recommended to start with light exercise after 3-4 weeks after the acute phase. After 4 weeks or more, it is necessary to start exercising even with the continuation of pain. Exercising will help to recover from the pain and allows you to return to your daily life and work immediately. However, not all patients recover within 4 weeks after the accident. One-third of patients have long-term symptoms in about 6 to 12 months, and the remaining one-third are patients with chronic pain who have symptoms for more than a year.