MBR growth treatment will
help the proper height growth.

Height growth does not occur by forcing The essential action is
to create the optimum conditions during the optimal growth periods.

MBR growth treatment will
help the proper height growth.

Height growth does not occur by forcing The essential action is
to create the optimum conditions during the optimal growth periods.

The best condition of growing.

Children grow while they are asleep! Children need to be in bed before 11 pm when the growth hormone is most active Run for a good amount of time! Rolling and running exercises are essential for stimulating knee growth plate  Look for posture and structural abnormalities! growing upright is more essential than growing taller MBR Growth 3 Principles The height growth does not occur from forcibly stretching the body. Indeed, the growth therapy needs to be done while the growth plate is open.  MBR Acupuncture & Herb does not provide forceful treatment for the height growth.  Treatments are done based on the three principles of MBR growth and the causes of growth delay are identified and treated based on logic.  MBR has been proving the effectiveness of the treatment through the most traditional orthodox growth theory and 20 years of clinical research.

Make the best
condition for

Don’t miss the
optimum period
of growth

Growing upright is more
important than just
growing taller

There are 5 essential conditions for height growth. MBR ACUPUNCTURE & HERB solves the structural problems of the child’s body and proceeds the treatment with the growth therapy.

Remove growing pains!
Growing pain is a significant sign in lack of requirements for growth

Check your intake and breathing!
Eating and breathing is the foundation of growth.

Children grow while they are asleep!
Children need to be in bed before 11 pm when the growth hormone is most active.

Run for a good amount of time Running
exercises are essential for stimulating knee growth plate

Look for posture and structural abnormalities
Growing upright is more important than growing taller

What causes my child not to grow?

MBR Acupuncture & Herb Five best conditions for growth revealed by 20 years of know-how

The percentage of genetic factors affecting children’s height growth is 30%.  If you do not create optimal growth conditions that account for 70% of the growth, children may not grow to the expected maximum height. In addition, growing in an incorrect posture can lead to bone asymmetry and uscles, which may lead to body imbalance. If the posture and structure issues that prevent height growth get corrected, your child can grow healthier. MBR ACUPUNCTURE & HERB solves daily living and growing pain problems such as digestion, breathing, and sleeping habit issues. Correcting structure leads to the proper growth of children.

Check if you need MBR growth treatment

If you find the following posture abnormalities, growth therapy is needed for children’s growth and future

Make the best
condition for

Are the legs
O / X shape?

Does your child
have a habit of leaning
on one foot?

Does your
child have

Are the left
and right shoulders

Is the neck
tilted to
one side?

Are the knees

Is one of
the legs noticeably

MBR Growth Treatments for Kids

The height cannot be stretched by force.  The solution is to create the optimum conditions during the optimal growth period!  Experience the height growth in the correct method through the MBR growth treatment!

Unbalanced growth due to various postures, which one should be the most noticeable?   MBR treats growth disorders by focusing on the three main issues: the shape of the foot arch,  shape of the knee, and the posture if the patient is leaning on one foot.

The foot arch is a critical function in dispersing weight and absorbing shock. The adult foot arch is completely formed at the age of 12. If the foot arch formation is incomplete at the age of 12 and the foot remains flat, then the treatment is required. Also, even at the age of 7-8, treatment for proper leg growth is needed before age 12 if the arch is seemingly flatter than average.

Restore the normal length and movement of the muscle and myofascial related to the TMJ

Leaning on one foot is not just a posture problem. In the case of young children, it may cause growth pain and knee deformation, and X shaped legs which may cause children to dislike walking and get tired easily. The habit of leaning on one foot is fatal to bone growth during the growing phase. The habit causes pressure in the leg and leads to growth delay which results in shorter leg length. The result is an imbalance in foot length that continues from the foot to the pelvis, spine, neck and finally to the chin, forming facial asymmetry.

MBR Growth Treatment Process

01  Growth chart
Check the overall health of the immune system,  respiratory system, digestive system, and autonomic nervous system through  the growth prediction table.

02 Measurement of bone age
Ask the radiology department to evaluate the degree of growth plate differentiation and confirm the bone age.

03 Final prediction height
Compare age, recent growth rate, and genetic height to  predict the possible ultimate height.

04 Find the cause of delayed growth
Find out what is preventing or delaying growth through treatment.

05 Posture checkup
Examine posture to determine whether skeletal growth is smooth for the age.

06 Treatment planning
Establish a treatment program to create optimal conditions for growth.

07  Treatment of growth imbalance
Treatment through foot orthopedics, jaw joint correction, and therapy such as the Tui Na therapy.