MBR Therapy and Principles

If any of these are applicable,
MBR Therapy, a treatment method of MBR, is recommend.

MBR Therapy and Principles

If any of these are applicable,
MBR Therapy, a treatment method of MBR, is recommend.

What is MBR therapy?

If you have tried several treatments and do not get better

If you have been sick for a long time but have tried several treatments but have not found the cause of the pain

If your posture is distorted and your body is imbalanced

If pain increases after exercise

When it comes to pain management, our body can be separated into three elements: energy, spirit, and structure.

Each of these three elements must be well-maintained and regulated in order to maintain good health. The disease starts from one of these three elements and soon diverges to another.

Harmony and balance of the energy, spirit and structure are the most important factors for a healthy body. People become sick by having imbalance in one of these three elements. MBR therapy can help to restore the balance. It is an integrated treatment method of MBR that aims to find and treat the root problem of the disease.

Causes of the pain

Our body is composed of skeletal structure, energy metabolism, and spirit.
If you have chronic headache, TMJ, head forwardness, neck and low back pain, knee pain, or foot pain, they are likely caused by the malfunctioning of interrelationship of the three elements. If pain is recurring even after taking painkillers, steroids, or surgical treatments, it means the three components are not working harmoniously.

If pain dissipates for only a short term and relapses again, the patient may have a systemic problem.
If systemic problem is not resolved, repeated topical treatments can only lead to tissue damage that can slow recovery.

How it works

There is no single method of treatment that can cure all the pain. There is also no single treatment that works for everyone. With the correct diagnosis, it only takes a few treatments to dramatically improve the pain. If the pain keeps coming back, it is our body’s signal telling us the previous treatments have not worked because they failed to treat the root cause of the pain.

Some patients feel relieved after one steroid injection. For other patients, the effect lasts only for a few months and following shots cease to work. Lastly, there are patients who do not see any improvement from steroids at all.

This can happen with an incorrect diagnosis. The steroidal anti-inflammatory can decrease the patient’s pain level temporarily, but the pain eventually recurs if the structural problem remains unresolved.

In order to prevent any recurrence, the treatment should restore the body back to normal by improving structural balance and boost positive mindset through MBR Therapy. MBR therapy is an integrated treatment that deals with joint and muscle torsion and low vital signs all together.

MRI found a disc treatment, so I got a disc surgery. Why is the pain still coming back?

Most likely, the real causes of the pain are TMJ / upper cervical spine, pelvis, and feet. If the structure becomes unbalanced in one place, the adjacent joints also become unbalanced. The TMJ / upper cervical spine, pelvis, and feet are the three most important factors that affect body balance. If you find the starting point of the body’s imbalance, and balance the jaw / upper cervical spine, pelvis, and feet, rather than only treating the painful local area, it is possible to reach pain free. MBR Therapy will help you recover from pain.

In order for muscles and skeletons to function properly, our body requires the repair of damaged tissues. If the tissue damages are not completely repaired after a considerable amount of time, it indicates the body’s natural ability recover has slowed down.  MBR Chinese herbal medicine will help re-activating natural healing power.

When we are eating, walking, sitting, and waking up, we act without thinking. When we learn these kinds of actions, at first, it takes a lot of time, practice, and effort to learn these moves, but after some time passes, our body gets used to them. This is how the patterns of posture and movement are memorized in our brain. The prolonged posture imbalance makes our bodies accustomed to the wrong postures and twists that cause pain and are remembered in our brain. Even if the structure is correctly reversed, the circulatory problem is fixed, and energy metabolism is normalized, there is always a chance of relapse if the wrong behavior patterns and postures have become habitual. MBR treatment aims to prevent recurrence by re-memorizing the movement patterns stored in the brain system.