Do you suffer from
low back pain?

Let us help.
We are confident that MBR acupuncture can treat your condition.

Do you suffer from
low back pain?

Let us help.
We are confident that MBR acupuncture can treat your condition.

Back Pain

Why does chronic low back pain not get better?

I have been previously
treated for a disc problem,
but still suffer from pain
even after the surgery.

Any treatment
I had tried never worked.
Either there was no change,
or the condition has relapsed.

I have chronic back pain.
People say my walking
posture is abnormal.

recommended me to get
a lumbar spinal
canal surgery.

Six major low back pain





Facet Joint


Root cause of the back pain

Why does chronic low back pain recur without being cured?

You had been
recommended surgery
with a lumbar disc
or had surgery,
but the pain is
still there.

The patient tried
various treatments on
the lower back due to
back pain, but
the effect was
minimal or recurred.

The patient has often
experienced chronic
back pain and gait

Surgery was
recommended for

Chronic back pain and recurrent disc. Have you been treating only your lower back?

If the low back and disc pain is the real cause of chronic low back pain and recurrent disc problems, treatment should complete without recurrence with ‘local treatment of the disc.’   However, if the effect after local treatment is minimal or temporary, low back pain and recurrent disc are not root problems, and the actual trigger is very likely to be hidden somewhere.   No repetitive pain treatment is not easy with ‘local treatment of the back and disc area.’ It requires not only local treatment but also “hidden causes.”

90% of back pain is caused by ‘distortion of the spine.’

In general, for the treatment of chronic low back pain or recurrent disc problems, local treatment is selected to remove the discs that are around the disc root or the back muscles or spinal nerves.   If the root cause only exists in the lower back itself, all the pain should be eliminated by the local treatment.  But the back pain is not treated, and the disc problems recur because it doesn’t know the root cause of the problems.   MBR Acupuncture & Herb figures out and treats the root cause of spinal imbalance, the real culprit for the back pain.

Which type of chronic headache do you have?

Migraine gets relieved only by
sleeping without any noise disturbance

Caused by stimulation of the cervical nerve because of degenerative changes in the occipital joint

Pain around

Caused by misalignment of C1,C2 & C3 stimulating spinal nerve C2,C3, & C4

Severe  occipital neuralgia that can be triggered even by the slightest pressure on the head

Caused by stimulation of the spinal nerve C2 & C3 due to posture abnormality, muscle tension, neck, etc

Trigeminal neuralgia encompassing
half of the head and face

Caused by stimulation of trigeminal nerve because of TMJ and C1 & C2 deviation

The above four are the main causes of the distortion of the spine.  MBR Acupuncture & Herb focuses on the root causes of the spinal distortion, along with local treatments, to cure chronic back pain and recurrent disc problems. MBR Acupuncture & Herb quickly improves back pain and prevents recurrence through EMS low back treatment.

Other causes of ‘delayed recovery’ of back pain and disc problems

Stress, anxiety, and anxiety can increase sensitivity to pain

Cold extremities and lower abdomen can cause damaged tissue due to poor blood circulation.

Chronic digestive disorders, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, such as lower abdominal pain, continually irritating the spine.

Difficult to eliminate the waste due to excessive stiffness of the muscles, especially the lower extremity muscles, can cause delayed recovery of the spine disorders.

Poor body posture or daily habit can cause delayed recovery of the spine.

Chronic  fatigue, lacking energy, metabolic disorders  can delay the recovery of back pain and disc problems.

MBR Treatment of Low Back pain

The treatments used in MBR to treat back pain are as follows.

Questionnaire to
determine the
cause of back pain


MBR Acupuncture


MBR Herbal


Thermal Therapy