Knee Pain

Do you suffer from knee pain?
Do you want to relief?

Knee Pain

Do you suffer from knee pain?
Do you want to relief?

Knee Pain:
Are you suffering from those symptoms?

Had an arthroscopic procedure for knee pain, but the knee still hurts.

Although time passed after a knee injury, the pain is still there.

Walking long distances or after exercise, the knee pain comes back again.

Due to knee pain, the knee is deformed to OX leg.

What causes the knee pain?

Do you still think it is a problem of worn cartilage or degeneration?
90% of knee pain is caused by twisting the knee!

The pain in the knee is not only because the cartilage in the knee is worn out, but the soft tissues like joint, tendon and the joint sac that surrounds the knee are often torn or overloaded. The pain can explain that the pain continues even after surgery or taking medications. What causes pain in the ones surrounding the knee?  The twisting of the foot which is supporting the knee from below  and the twisting of the pelvis, which is adjusting from above the knee, causes the leg to twist.  This causes knee torsion as the feet and pelvis are distorted, and due to the twist of the knee, ligaments, tendons, and muscles react sensitively to small irritations, resulting in knee pain.

Torsion of the
knee is the root
causes of the knee pain

Most knee joint pain is due to ligaments, tendons, and muscles that are easily irritated by the twisting of the knee. Structural twisting of the knee results from imbalances in the feet and pelvis, which is the root cause of knee pain. Chronic knee pain is a   pain caused by irritation of ligaments, tendons, and muscles due to twisting  of the knees, not cartilage wear and arthritis.

What causes ‘torsion of the knee’?

The knee is a joint made of two leg bones, the longest bones in the human body. If the length of the   knee bone is different, it is easy to twist even a small imbalance of the foot or pelvis. Also, the knee is more easily distorted because it is located between the pelvis, the central axis of our body balance, and the foot, the basic axis of balance. 70% of knee pain is due to a foot imbalance. Recently, the root cause of knee pain has been introduced in academic research. The imbalance of the foot causes the torsion of the knee and consequently leads to knee pain. Also, the remaining 30% of the cause is not the knee cartilage degeneration or joint problems, but knee distortion caused by pelvic imbalance. Knee pain can be cured without recurrence through the treatment of the feet and pelvis without surgery!

The causes of knee distortion (deformation) due to foot and pelvis imbalance

An Unbalance of
hip joint causes
O shape leg deformation.

An imbalance of
foot causes X
shape leg deformation.

An imbalance of
foot causes X shape
leg deformation.

Types of knee pain

Four major knee pains by MBR